Terms & Conditions

Arterous is a trademark owned by PT Printerous Global that is engaged in the procurement of digital technology printing services based on order requests and delivery of the results of orders printing requests or the "Technology-based Print on Demand Dropshipping" business model. PT Printerous Global is a company established under and subject to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia (hereinafter “Arterous” or “we”). Arterous runs a portal service business with the site name: www.arterous.com and other sites belonging to Arterous, which are places where Sellers can print goods when Sellers receive requests/orders, including managing product stock (if any), packaging, and direct delivery to the buyer.

The scope of Arterous Services is the provision of printing services at the time of demand including managing product stock, packaging, and delivery to customers from the Arterous Seller.

By accessing, using, and viewing the site and using Arterous's Services, the Seller is deemed to have read, understood, understood, and agreed to all contents in the Terms & conditions. If the Seller does not agree to any part, part, or all of the contents of these Terms & Conditions including the amendments thereof, the Seller is not allowed to access and use the services on Arterous's websites, including www.arterous.com


  • “Arterous” means PT Printerous Global, a company incorporated under and subject to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Arterous runs a portal service business with the site name: www.arterous.com and other sites, which are places where Sellers can sell printed goods with Seller's designs without the need to carry out the production process, print process, stock goods, packaging, and shipping on registered marketplaces.
  • “Services” is the provision of printing services at the time of a request/order including managing product stock, packaging, shipping, and sales processes in a connected marketplace.
  • “Terms and Conditions” is an agreement between the Seller and Arterous that contains the regulations governing the Seller and Arterous in the context of Service Transactions on the Arterous Site.
  • “Seller” is any person/legal entity/company that uses or accesses the Service or site either manually or through an automated system, including any person who browses the Service and the materials therein.
  • “Buyer” is a person who orders/buys from a Seller through a registered Marketplace or directly in the form of a printed product from Arterous.
  • “Marketplace” is a platform where Sellers make sales and where Buyers make purchases from Sellers. In these terms and conditions, the connected marketplaces are Tokopedia, Shopee, and the marketplace that will be connected in the future.

This Arterous Site and Services are provided to the Seller subject to the following Terms and Conditions:


  1. Seller hereby declares that Seller is an Indonesian legal person or entity who is capable and able to bind himself in a legal agreement according to law.
  2. The seller provides, fills out, submits, or uploads data and documents related to the validity of the Seller as requested on the Arterous site to obtain an account. The seller is also required to update data and documents if there are changes.
  3. Arterous will not ask for the account name (username), password (password), or verification code belonging to the Seller's account for any reason, therefore Arterous urges the Seller not to provide such data or other important data to parties on behalf of Arterous or other parties who do not safety can be guaranteed.
  4. The Seller is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and password for all activities that occur in the Seller's account, the Seller agrees to immediately notify Arterous if there is any unauthorized use of the Seller's password or account.
  5. Seller hereby declares that Arterous is not responsible for any losses or problems arising from misuse of Seller's account caused by Seller's negligence and may cause losses or problems on Seller's account.


  1. Sellers can edit products digitally on the Arterous site and market the edits to the Seller's marketplace account.
  2. Sellers in marketing and editing products while still paying attention to these terms and conditions regarding "CONTENT".
  3. Arterous uses its best efforts to provide Sellers with pictures and descriptions, but cannot guarantee that the colors, sizes, and details in website images represent a 100% accurate representation of the product.
  4. The seller is responsible for the quality of the uploaded data/file and the printout depends on the quality of the uploaded data/file by the seller. Arterous is not responsible for the print quality due to the poor quality of the data/file uploaded by the Seller.


  1. The seller can order the desired product when the seller gets an order from the buyer. However, Sellers can also order products to be entrusted to Arterous as Seller's stock.
  2. Every Seller's Order will be processed if the Seller's Account Balance is sufficient for the price ordered by the Seller.
  3. The seller's order is suspended if the Seller's Account Balance is insufficient. If the Seller does not add the balance (Topup) of the Seller's Account within the period determined by the marketplace where the Buyer made the purchase, the Seller's Order will be canceled.
  4. The seller can connect the Seller's account with the registered Marketplace, then every order entered on the Marketplace will be automatically received and processed by Arterous, however, the Seller is responsible for monitoring the order process until it is complete.
  5. Arterous may choose not to accept or cancel or suspend any order at Arterous's sole discretion. We may refuse to process transactions for any reason or refuse to provide the Service to anyone at any time in Arterous' sole discretion.
  6. Seller's orders that are canceled because they are not in accordance with or violate these terms and conditions or have not met the specified conditions are the full responsibility of the Seller including but not limited to reduced points/reputation/stars/reviews or the imposition of a cancellation fee on the Seller's marketplace account or is responsible to Seller or any third party.


  1. Each product will be printed when there is a product print order. The order will proceed to the printing process if the Seller's Account Balance is sufficient in Arterous.
  2. Arterous reserves the right to hold the print process due to print file issues, and security issues. If the Seller's order is suspended, the Seller is given 1 working day or a period of time as per the rules of the marketplace to resolve the issue. If the Seller does not resolve the issue, Arterous will cancel the order. If the Seller's order is canceled, Arterous will only return the money to the Seller's Account wallet if the work on the Seller's order has not started.
  3. If the product ordered by the seller and/or buyer is out of stock, Arterous will cancel the order and return the money to the seller's account wallet.


  1. Arterous will use Seller's data as Sender in sending orders to Buyers.
  2. All confirmed orders cannot be canceled or changed by the Seller.
  3. Shipping costs borne by the Seller will be taken from the Seller's Account Balance. If there is a difference in shipping costs on the proof of delivery with the system, the proof of delivery will be used (if it turns out that the actual shipping cost is greater than the system, the difference will be taken automatically from the Seller's Account Balance).
  4. The seller is responsible for checking the correct recipient name, shipping address and zip code, up-to-date telephone number, and email address are necessary to ensure the successful delivery of the Product. Arterous is not responsible for delays in delivery due to changes in the shipping address, telephone number, or other special requirements by Seller and/or Buyer.
  5. If the Seller or Buyer provides an address that is deemed insufficient by the delivery service, in which case the product is returned to Arterous, the Seller will be responsible for the re-shipping fee after Arterous confirms the updated address by the Seller.


  1. Sellers can order printed products in a certain amount and entrust the printed products to Arterous.
  2. Arterous will manage and manage Seller's product stock inventory which can be viewed by Seller on the Arterous website.


  1. Payment for Services by the Seller to Arterous is with the wallet top-up system on the Seller Arterous account.
  2. The seller can top up the wallet (wallet) on Seller's Account by transfer method to Virtual Account or other methods available on Arterous.
  3. To process the Services, the funds in the Seller Arterous account balance/wallet must be sufficient.
  4. The seller's account balance/wallet cannot be withdrawn or withdrawn.
  5. Prices listed on Arterous are prices prevailing at that time, prices may change from time to time.


Seller is responsible for (and will charge) all applicable taxes, such as but not limited to income tax, VAT, and others, as well as duties related to Products.


  1. Sellers or Buyers who have problems with the product or other things in the order can report problems to Arterous before claiming product returns.
  2. Product return claims can be submitted within a period of time as per the policies/regulations of the marketplace where the order occurred or 7 days if not through the marketplace.
  3. Product return claims must be accompanied by reasons that do not violate these terms and conditions. If the Seller or Buyer claims a product return that does not comply with these terms and conditions, the Seller will indemnify Arterous, equal to the cost of the replaced item as a handling fee.


  1. Arterous is a web portal that is engaged in printing services based on the design made by the Seller, the order request, and the delivery of the results of the printing request to the Buyer through the selected expedition. Thus, the transaction that occurs is a transaction based on a Service request between the Seller and Arterous, so that the Seller understands that the proportional limitation of Arterous's responsibility is as an Arterous portal service provider.
  2. Arterous is not responsible for the correctness of the information, pictures, and descriptions, including but not limited to details regarding Order Information, prices, addresses, and telephone numbers provided by the Seller.
  3. Any information provided or created by the Seller as a result of the Arterous Site services regarding companies, individuals, or other entities, and/or regarding Printouts or services, is not a form of support or endorsement, nor implies support or endorsement, on the quality or eligibility of the individual, the company or entity, or to its services or products. The responsibility for the content and/or printouts is the sole responsibility of the Seller.
  4. In no case will Arterous be responsible and Seller agrees not to hold Arterous responsible and/or liable for any indirect damage or loss resulting from accessing and using the Arterous site services.


  1. Seller hereby understands and agrees that misuse of Content which includes design, logo, brand, text, and other IPR violations that are used, uploaded, sent, and/or shared by Seller in the context of printing service transactions on the Arterous site are the sole responsibility of the Seller. personal.
  2. The seller is fully responsible for the Content which includes designs, logos, brands, text, and other intellectual property rights (IPR) that are uploaded for processing to print to the product. The Seller hereby only grants the right to Arterous and/or its Affiliates only to print according to the Seller's order. (in this case, there is no transfer of Intellectual Property Rights including but not limited to designs, logos, brands, and others);
  3. Sellers are prohibited from uploading or using words, comments, pictures, videos, or any content that contains elements of SARA, discrimination, demeaning or cornering others, vulgar, threatening, advertising, or promoting to sites other than the Arterous Site.
  4. Arterous has the right to delete content including designs, logos, brands, texts, and other intellectual property rights that are used, uploaded, sent, and/or shared by the Seller on the Arterous site if there is a suspicion of violating applicable legal provisions or there is a warning from other parties (including government agencies). -agency) in authority or Arterous' sole discretion.


  1. If you have a dispute with one or more Sellers or Buyers, you release Arterous (including the Parent Company, Directors, and employees) from claims and demands for damages and losses (actual and implied) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way related to the dispute arising from the transaction of printing services. Thus, the Seller intentionally waives all legal protections (which are contained in the law or other legal regulations) which will limit the scope of this release provision.
  2. Seller specifically acknowledges that Arterous will not be liable for any defamation, infringement, or unlawful act of any third party in connection with Arterous and this Service. All risks of loss or damage from these things are entirely the responsibility of the Seller.


There is no failure or omission by either Party in carrying out the terms and conditions that may give rise to a claim by the Other Party or be deemed a violation of these Terms and Conditions if such failure or delay is caused by events beyond the control of that Party, such as war, riots, chaos. , explosions, epidemics/pandemics, and quarantines (Force Majeure) which are seen to occur and/or are supported by information from the government or other authorized bodies.


Arterous may provide translations of these Terms and Conditions into Foreign Languages. Seller understands and agrees that although these Terms and Conditions have been translated into a foreign language if there is an inconsistency between the Indonesian version and the foreign language translation, the Indonesian version will prevail.


Everything that has not been specifically regulated in the terms and conditions will follow the policies of Arterous.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the Seller is deemed to be subject to Arterous's Privacy Policy.


All disputes, disagreements, or differences of opinion that arise between Arterous and the Seller and/or with the Buyer in connection with service transactions or violations of the terms and conditions are resolved by deliberation to reach a consensus.

Concerning the Terms and Conditions of DISCLAIMER above, disputes between Sellers who fail to reach an amicable settlement, the Seller agrees that any legal action or dispute that may arise from, relates to, or is in any way related to the site and/or these terms without involving Arterous will be resolved in the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Indonesia under applicable law. However, especially if it is a dispute between the Seller and/or the Buyer that attracts Arterous as a party, the Seller agrees to settle it in the Central Jakarta District Court.


Terms & Conditions may be changed and/or updated from time to time without prior notice. All such changes and/or updates are effective as soon as Arterous posts them on the Arterous Site. Arterous recommends that you read carefully and check this Terms & Conditions page from time to time for any changes. By continuing to access the Arterous Site and use the Arterous Services, the Seller is deemed to have agreed to the changes in the Terms & Conditions. If the Seller does not agree to such changes and/or updates, the Seller is not authorized to access or use the Site or other Services, and the Seller must send written notice to Arterous via email and the Seller's account will be deleted.