Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy sets out the basis for the acquisition, collection, processing, analysis, appearance, delivery, disclosure, storage, alteration, deletion, and/or all forms of management related to data or information that identifies or can be used to identify Users that Users provide to Arterous or that Arterous collects from Users or third parties (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data").

By opening or accessing, the User (the person who opens or accesses the site and/or seller or buyer) declares that each User's Personal Data is true and valid data, the User acknowledges that he has been notified, and understand the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the User gives consent to Arterous to obtain, collect, process, analyze, display, transmit, open, store, modify, delete, manage and/or use the data for the purposes as stated in the Privacy Policy.

Collection of User's Personal Data

Arterous collects User's Personal Data with the aim of processing transactions, managing and expediting the process of using the Site by Users as permitted by applicable laws and regulations. The User data collected is as follows:

  1. Each Data submitted independently by the User in every process, transaction, and activity on the Arterous site including any changes thereto:

  2. Data recorded when the User uses the Site, including but not limited to:

a. real or approximate location data such as IP address, Wi-Fi location, and/or geo-location;

b. device data, including the type of device, used to access the Site, including the hardware model, operating system and version, software, IMEI number, file name and version, language selection, unique device identifier, advertising identifier, serial number, device movement information, and/or cellular network information;

c. data records (logs), including records on servers that receive data such as the device IP address, date and time of access, application features or pages viewed, and other system activities, browser type, and/or third-party sites or services that the User use before interacting with the Site.

d. User usage data or preferences, including User interactions in using the Site, saved choices, and selected settings. The data is obtained using cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies that create and maintain a unique identifier;

e. data in the form of time from each User activity in connection with the use of the Site,

3. Data obtained from other sources and Arterous may combine data obtained from one source with the other sources it owns.

Use of Personal Data

Arterous may use Personal Data obtained and collected from Users as mentioned in the previous section for the following matters:

1. Process all forms of requests, activities, or transactions made by Users through the Site, including for the purpose of sending products to Users.

2. Provision of features to deliver, deliver, maintain and improve Arterous products and services, including:

a. offer, acquire, provide or facilitate Arterous services.

b. perform internal activities necessary to provide services on the site, such as troubleshooting software problems, bugs, and operational issues, conducting data analysis, testing, and research, and monitoring and analyzing usage trends and activity.

3. Assisting Users when communicating with Arterous, including:

a. examine and resolve User problems;

b. direct User inquiries to appropriate customer service personnel to resolve issues;

c. monitor and improve customer service responses;

d. contacting the User via email, letter, telephone, fax, and other communication methods, including but not limited to assisting and/or completing the transaction process or problem-solving process, as well as delivering news or other notifications in connection with the protection of User's Personal Data, including failure of protection User's Personal Data;

e. use information obtained from Users for research, analysis, product development, and testing purposes in order to improve the security of services on the Site, as well as develop new features and products; and

f. inform Users about products, services, promotions, studies, surveys, news, latest developments, events, and other information, both through the Site and through other media, and may use the information to promote and process contests and sweepstakes, give prizes, and serve advertisements and relevant content related to Arterous services.

4. Monitor or investigate suspicious transactions or transactions that are indicated to contain elements of fraud or violations of the Terms and Conditions or applicable legal provisions, and take necessary actions as a follow-up to the results of monitoring or investigating the transaction.

5. Arterous may use or disclose User's Personal Data for law enforcement purposes or to fulfill the requirements and obligations of applicable laws and regulations, including in the event of a dispute or legal process between the User and Arterous, or suspected criminal acts (such as fraud or data theft ).

6. Fulfillment of the requirements and obligations of the prevailing laws and regulations in relation to taxation interests in Indonesia.

7. Facilitate merger transactions, sale of company assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing, or acquisitions involving Arterous.

Disclosure of User's Personal Data

1. Arterous is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of User's Personal Data obtained from the Arterous site and guarantees that there is no disclosure, sale, transfer, distribution, and/or borrowing of User's Personal Data to other third parties, without the consent of the User, except in the following cases :

a. it is necessary to disclose User Personal Data to partners or other third parties who cooperate with Arterous in providing available services or services that will later be available on the Site and process all forms of User activity on the Site, including processing transactions, payment verification, promotions, and product delivery.

b. Arterous may provide User Personal Data to business partners and/or Third Parties in accordance with the User's agreement to use the services of business partners, including other applications or sites that have integrated APIs, Public APIs or their services, or business partners who have collaborated with Arterous. to provide special services available on the Arterous Site for the purpose of completing transactions on the Site or for the purpose of using other Personal Data as stated in this Privacy Policy.

c. communication is needed between Arterous' business partners (such as providers of logistics, payments, and/or other service facilities) and Users in terms of resolving problems or other matters.

d. Arterous may provide User Personal Data to vendors, consultants, marketing partners, research firms/institutions, or similar service providers in the context of marketing activities carried out by third parties, improving and maintaining the quality of Arterous services, as well as other publication activities.

e. Users contact Arterous through public media such as blogs, social media, and/or certain features on the Arterous Site, where communication between Users and Arterous can be seen and known by the general public.

f. Arterous may share User Personal Data with its affiliates to help provide services or perform data processing for and on behalf of Arterous.

g. Arterous discloses User's Personal Data in an effort to comply with legal obligations and/or legitimate requests from law enforcement officials or authorized state administration agencies.


1. Cookies are small files that will automatically take place on the User's device that performs the function of saving User preferences and configurations while visiting a site.

2. These cookies are not intended to be used when accessing other data that the User has on the User's computer, other than what the User has agreed to submit.

3. Although the User's computer device will automatically accept cookies, the User can make the choice to make modifications through the User's browser settings, namely by choosing to refuse cookies (this choice can prevent the optimal availability of Arterous services when the User accesses the Site).

4. Arterous may use the features provided by third parties in order to improve Arterous' services and content, including among others the assessment, adjustment, and presentation of advertisements to each User based on interests or history of visits. If the User does not want ads to be displayed based on these adjustments, then the User can set it through the browser.

Security, Storage, and Deletion of User's Personal Data

1. Arterous protects every User's Personal Data stored in its system and protects such data from unauthorized access, use, modification, retrieval, and/or disclosure by using a number of security measures and procedures.

2. User Personal Data may also be stored or processed by overseas parties working for Arterous, or by third-party service providers, vendors, suppliers, partners, or affiliates of Arterous. In that case, Arterous remains committed to this Privacy Policy so that the Personal Data remains protected.

3. Although Arterous has used its best efforts to secure and protect the User's Personal Data, please note that access to or transmission of data over the Internet is never completely secure. Thus, Arterous cannot guarantee 100% security of the data provided or sent to Arterous by the User and the provision of information by the User is at the User's own risk.

4. Arterous will delete and/or anonymize the User's Personal Data if User's Personal Data is no longer needed to fulfill the purpose of its collection and/or storage is no longer required for compliance purposes with applicable laws and regulations.

5. Please note that there is still a possibility that some User's Personal Data is stored by other parties, including authorized state administration agencies. In the event that we share the User's Personal Data with authorized state administrative agencies and/or other agencies that may be appointed by the competent government or have cooperation with Arterous, the User agrees and acknowledges that the storage of User's Personal Data by the agency will follow the respective data retention policies. - each of these agencies.

6. Arterous will retain information as long as the User's account remains active and can perform deletion in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legal regulations.

Access and Correction of User's Personal Data or Withdrawal of Consent

1. As long as it does not conflict with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations, the User may contact Arterous to withdraw approval for the acquisition, collection, storage, management, and use of User data. If this happens, the User understands the consequences that the User cannot use the services on the Arterous Site.

2. Arterous takes reasonable steps to ensure that the User's Personal Data is processed accurately and completely. However, it is important for the User to notify Arterous at all times of any changes to the User's Personal Data or if there are errors in the User's Personal Data on the Arterous Site. Users can access and change information such as email address, phone number, date of birth, gender, address list, payment method, and bank account.

3. The user has the right to access or correct the User's Personal Data on the Arterous site provided that the User has submitted sufficient proof of identity to access or correct the data. However, Arterous reserves the right to refuse requests to access, or to correct, some or all of the User's Personal Data on the Arterous site if permitted or required under applicable laws.

4. The User can withdraw the consent that the User has given in relation to the processing of the User's Personal Data on the Arterous site by sending the request to Arterous. Arterous will process the User's request within a reasonable period of time since the request for withdrawal of consent is submitted, and subsequently does not process the User's Personal Data in accordance with the User's initial request, unless required by applicable laws and regulations. In the event of withdrawal of consent, Arterous may not be able to carry out its obligations under any agreement between the User and Arterous. In connection with this, there is also the possibility that because Arterous is unable to carry out its obligations because the User withdraws his consent, any legal relationship between the User and Arterous ends and cannot be continued.

5. Arterous will retain information as long as the User's account remains active and can perform deletion in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legal regulations.

Contact us

In the event that the User has questions, comments, complaints, or claims regarding this Privacy Policy or the User wants to gain access and/or make corrections to his/her Personal Data, he/she can contact Arterous.

Privacy Policy Update

The Privacy Policy may be changed and/or updated from time to time without prior notice. All such changes and/or updates are effective as soon as Arterous posts them on the Arterous Site. Arterous recommends that you read carefully and check this Privacy Policy page from time to time for any changes. By continuing to access the Arterous Site and use the Arterous Services, the User is deemed to have agreed to the changes in this Privacy Policy. If the User does not agree to such changes and/or updates, the User is not authorized to access or use the Site or Arterous Services.