Getting Started

Getting Started with Arterous

First, what is Arterous?

Arterous is a platform designed for everyone to have the same opportunity to create products and sell online instantly. We are providing a simple print-on-demand service that allows everyone to monetize their content, becoming creators and sellers at once. Print-on-demand is a very effective fulfillment process in which products are created and drop-shipped to the customers only after a purchase goes through. Therefore, you will never require up-front investment, inventory, and delivery management. 

From online sellers, content creators, music artists, communities, local brands, designers, artists, and any other organizations, here, you can turn your ideas into real physical goods in more than 30 variants of print-on-demand products, fashion apparels, goodies, stationeries to home decors. All comes without any order minimums and 24 hours production time. No cost. No hassle. No risk.

Not only that, you can connect your Marketplaces & Social Media to our platform and let your community shop easily wherever they want. We simplify and automates your fulfillment process because we handle all the production, packing, and shipping for you, while you can relax and earn the profit you deserve. 

Let us guide you to start creating and selling

1. Choose and create the products

Explore the catalog and choose the products you want to sell. Remember to keep your target customers in mind so you would know which products fit the best. When you’ve chosen the products, it’s time to upload your own custom designs. Make sure that your designs have met all the requirements needed, where you can learn more about it here. 


2. Order products sample 

To ensure the product's specification and quality, you can easily order the sample of your product by simply input your data in the form. As a seller, it’s important to see and feel your products in real life so you could promote it better and use it to create good content. 


3. Connect and publish your store

Once your products are ready, now you just need to sell them. Luckily, you can connect your Arterous platform to those most popular marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and others so you can build your own store seamlessly. All you need is a matter of minutes to do the integration, then, those products you have created in Arterous will automatically show in your marketplace store. Hence, there is plenty of time and energy you can save because you don’t need to create the product page again in your marketplace store. 


4. Top up your wallet to start the production

Don’t forget to top up your wallet in your Arterous account so that once there is a purchase, our system will automatically start the production. You can choose several top up methods such as virtual bank transfer, credit card, and even e-wallets. To ensure that your wallet always has its balance, you can easily track the sales reporting on the dashboard, thus, you won’t miss any sales opportunity. 


5. Promote your store and start making money 

You are all set and ready to make money! Promote your store to your community, let them know where to purchase your special designed products. That’s all you need to do, promote to sell more, because once your customer purchases the product from your store, Arterous will receive the order request and directly handle all the production and fulfillment process from packing to shipping the product to your customer. 

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