John Raymond, Whose Artworks Make People Cry

We all have made people cry. But what is the reason behind it? Did they tear up sad tears
out of the hurt you caused, or rather happy tears out of the joy you brought?
Through his work, John Raymond have made at least one person cry. The moment this
person saw John’s artwork, it was that so heart-touching that he did not only cry and stop
there, but went to the extent of willing to purchase it and wear it as a tattoo on skin. “It
means a lot,” utters the artist who admits to be encouraged to create more when he
receives such positive feedbacks.
Although he has been pursuing a degree in visual communication design major since 2013,
John has always wanted to be imaginative beyond that. Beyond what is taught in university
classes, beyond his interest in watercolor, and beyond the best of what he has got. He’s into
a lot of styles—surrealist, abstract, even cartoon. A fusion of everything that he likes is
poured into the artworks he creates. Both a graphic designer and an illustrator, he aspires to
touch mural as a media for his artworks. Meanwhile, he yearns for the visuals he creates to
be adapted into performance arts.
John mentioned a few names who inspired him. From an Indonesian pop-surrealist artist
named Roby Dwi Antono, to Satsuki Shibuya who claims to be a spiritual thinker. The latter
challenges him to grasp a new value about abstract art. On top on his inspirations, he said
that he wouldn’t gone this far if it wasn’t for his wife who happens to be into arts as well. As
the best supporter, she was the one who pushed John to explore his own peculiarity in his
During the interview, John addresses how Arterous answers the need of local artists. Not
only he speaks on behalf of local artists, but he also shares a message to them: to never
compare the self with others, but rather to keep on creating until the best comes up.

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