Introducing: Scarf on arterous

Are you bored with ordinary outfits? Do you feel like you have tried mix matching your tops and bottoms, but you still fail to get a breakthrough out of it? One scarf would highlight your appearance and change everything!

As a fashion accessory, the number one checklist for scarf is comfort. For that, Arterous has picked satin velvet as the material, to make sure that it is light yet soft as the ends are carefully hand-sewed. The colour display is vivid, as it is also not transparent. The scarf presents strong lines with a high durability, but not leaving out the feature of ease. Easy to order, easy to use, easy to fold, easy to wash. Arterous-made scarf surely won’t itch your neck!

From hand drawings to illustrated patterns—find hundreds of local  artists’ works printed on scarf.

Once you have purchased it, or if you haven’t, take these 6 different ways to wear scarves as fashion inspiration:

  1. Neck Scarf

This style is the most common one—because it is as simple as draping the scarf around the back of your neck, bringing the sides evenly to the front, wrapping them around each other twice, pulling the ends to the back of the neck and tying them in a knot. There goes something to highlight your look!  

  1. Ringed Scarf

For this one, you’ll need to prepare a ring. Prior to using the ring, loop the scarf around your neck. Then, take both ends of the scarf and thread them through the ring. Pull both ends to adjust and slide along the scarf with your hand.  

  1. Neckerchief

Also to wear around your neck; first start with the scarf at the back of your neck, pull it in front, twist the ends two times, then secure both into a knot as a finishing touch on the front look.   



As we have just passed the Eid season, maybe some of you have just taken a commitment to wear a hijab recently. Here are some head scarf looks you might take as an inspiration.

  1. Basic Triangle Style Scarf

First thing first, shape the scarf into a triangle by folding the top right corner to the bottom left. Place the scarf over your head, position the widest part at the top of your forehead with the two corners draped over your shoulders. Meanwhile, the third corner at the back of your head. After making sure of the previous steps, pinch the edges of the scarf under your chin. Last but not least, pin the scarf under your chin.  

  1. Ringed Head Scarf

Like the ordinary ringed scarf, you’ll also need to have a ring. Put the scarf over your head. Take one end of the scarf and wrap it behind your neck until it goes over unto the front side again. Take both ends of the scarf and put it through the ring. Voila!


  1. Cross-Cornered Style Scarf

This is basically the basic triangle style scarf with further steps added, which are: cross the corners of the scarf over your neck—the left side to the right, and vice versa. Drape the tails over your shoulders. Pin the tails of the scarf behind your head. Lift up the back corner of the scarf and pin the ends at the back of your head, then drape the corner  over the pinned part. Adjust as needed.   

Then again, there is no particular way as how to wear a scarf. It is up to the wearer, up to you. Now that you know some of the many ways how to wear a scarf, you’ll need to own one. It’s as easy as opening Arterous website, choosing one of the many designs, and clicking to order. The scarf will later arrive at your front door!  


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