In Need of Fashion Alternative? Monochrome Never Goes Wrong!

Look at all the cliché advises saying that life and every aspect of it should be full of colors.
That with no colors, everything would be plain and boring. Yet more often than not, when
two or more colors clash—the design experts, or precisely the fashion police, roar in
So comes the time for us to stand by the mirror every morning before we step out of the
house, fearing if we will put on the wrong kind of outfits. It’s not selfish to be concerned
about how we look, though. But we know our limits. We’re no cloth designers. Our best
effort only goes to the extent of purchasing the best pieces of clothes we could find, and
then picking which ones to wear. The cycle goes on and on, repeating every single
day—sometimes resulting in a dead end.
As we all know it, mix matching outfits might not be that easy. We all have had that one day
when we try on an outfit, but do not feel like wearing it, and ended up taking it off and
moving on to another outfit. The struggle exists—if not the combinations of cutting that
make it less perfect, it’s the colors. But why bother about colors, when you can always go
If you decide to go monochrome, don’t be half-heartedly in going monochrome. We’ve got
some collection to complete your monochrome look!

Every purchase supports Indonesian artist!



    The Iceberg Phenomenon by Vindy             Lazy Ambition Club T-Shirt by Lala Bohang


                                         Mr. Crab in Black T-Shirt by thebabybirds      Seniman Tetap Tote Bag by knackerjoy

     P L A N E T S Tote Bag by RatnaSF                  Sometimes Tote Bag by sherchle


    Fractured Scarf by paperprovision            Kanine Party Scarf by imewmew

     Hungry for Adventure Scarf by KevinArya

All of the artworks could be adjusted into t-shirts, tote bags, scarf, or whatever is up to you.
For more of the monochrome collection, go to the product search page of Arterous website
and select “Black & White” style. Remember, monochrome never goes wrong!

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