Gery Adams’ Leap: From Tear-Off Calendars to Published Children Books

Remember the time when you were little, took the nearest piece of paper, and randomly doodled on it? Everyone seemed to have done the same, at least once. Yet for a fact, not everyone ended up like Gery Adams.  

Not even on clean new papers, Gery’s first sketches were on tear-off calendars. Day by day passed while admiring role models like Gustav Dore, until 2013 granted him what he had dreamed for all along. One day in that year, an author offered him to collaborate by making illustrations for the book. His lifetime dream, which is to have his name printed on books at actual stores, eventually got fulfilled. Gery is now an illustrator for children books, as well as independent illustrator whose works are marketed online.   

Majoring in broadcasting that falls under the field of marketing communications in college, Gery’s has grasped the art of self-promotion of himself and his skills as an illustrator. When asked if he had any message for other artists, he uttered what he had told himself all throughout his journey—which is to appreciate your own work and never underestimate it. If you don’t, nobody else ever will.  

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