DIY Tutorial: Paper Wallet

For this simple tutorial we’ll be making an origami card holder that requires minimal materials and time. It’s perfect for a quick trip out when you just need some cash and cards; or perhaps just cause you need that extra card space because your wallet is packed and exploding. Or you can put inside your notebook for an extra space!


Follow this step-by-step DIY tutorial and get ready to be surprised by the result:


  1. Start with 23 x 23 cm square shaped paper and a ruler. And fold the paper into half, vertically


2. Fold the halves into halves again, creating 3 lines down


3. Fold all 4 corners inwards, using the quarter lines as a guide.


4. Fold the most outer part of the quarters, both left and right side.


5. Flip the whole paper and fold the upper part downwards toward the middle


6. Repeat step 5 to the bottom, folding upwards. Put the bottom above the top fold.


7. Taking the bottom piece, gently tuck it into the top piece and flatten, and voila! your paper wallet is complete!

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