DIY Decorated Hair Pins

Getting bored of your old plain black bobby pins? Collect them altogether, because we’re
going to sprinkle some magic upon them. Just with a hard carton or thin cardboard, some
paint, plus a little cut and glue here and there.
Before creating, prepare the tools needed. Besides the materials mentioned above, don’t
forget to grab a paintbrush, ruler, scissors, pencil, and superglue. Once you’ve got all those
in hand, just follow these steps:

1. Decide what shapes and how big you want to cut out.

2. Trace the shapes out using a pencil on the hard carton or thin cardboard.

3. Cut out the shapes.


4. Paint the shapes depending on whatever color or pattern you want.

5. Wait for the paint to dry.


6. Glue the varied shapes, one with another.

7. Glue the shapes to bobby pins.
There go your brand new bobby pins. As simple as that, and you’ll get a new look with these
decorated hair pins!

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