Carlyn Ang, a watercolor illustrator in a family full of doctors

Carlyn Ang, or more commonly referred to as Carlyn, is a watercolor illustrator. Her passion in drawing stems back from childhood. Carlyn’s parents wanted her to pursue a medical career, similar to that of her older siblings, but Carlyn was adamant in becoming a watercolor illustrator just like her idols Kristen Sevig and Iraville.  According to Carlyn, it is important to find idols that inspire you as they will become a constant source of ideas and key in driving the creative process.    

After several years of being an illustrator, Carlyn’s parents finally accepted her chosen profession. Especially when Carlyn had already reached a point in her career where she is highly accomplished and satisfied with her achievements. Carlyn finds delight in people appreciating and buying her work through Arterous, even though she was initially unsure of exposing her work to the general public.

Carlyn’s experience in Arterous has become an admirable example to young illustrators across Indonesia. It upholds the notion that one should not easily give up in following their dreams and to avoid getting bored easily because where there is fierce passion behind an idea, there will always be a way to achieve it.

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