5 Things To Do on Summer Vacation Without Leaving Your City


1. Explore the City!

If you’re just moved, you are probably still getting used to your new surroundings in your new neighborhood. So, go exploring! These are usually many things for people to do around town. You can go to local shops, street food, restaurants and really experience this new culture. Don’t forget to bring your bag, in case you want to buy cute-random things from the local shop you visited ūüėČ



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2. Go to music festivals or local events.

These days there are a lot of music festival or events.¬†This event is fun to spend with your loved ones, friends, even family.¬†Enjoy the outdoors while listening to the music with great food of course! Bring your own tumbler will help to help the environment too! So, you don’t have to litter, plus, others will jealous of your cool tumbler you brought B-)



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3. Enjoy your hobbies.

You have something that you love to do, don’t you? Maybe it’s watercoloring, drawing, or writing calligraphy? Take this time to do it! Don’t¬†just put your artwork¬†at the corner of your room after finishing it. Try sell ’em, and earn some money on your summer holiday.¬†The first step to getting your shop ready for customers¬†is making sure you‚Äôre putting up your best work, so let‚Äôs start from there.

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4. Re-organize your room.

When was the last time you organize your room? Give your room a good cleaning so you can have a fresh start after holiday! Tidy up your closet, throw away broken clothes, donate old clothes, and try to hang and fold ’em by item and colours. ¬†Try to get rid of¬†unnecessary notes, bills or school projects on your desk. A little touch of new frame for a fresh look on your wall won’t hurt.



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5. Me time!

Take this time off to just relax and enjoy your free time alone. You might not have free time during your busy week at work. So, turn on the TV, pull the blanket and enjoy your hot chocolate in your favourite mug. Sounds good, isn’t?


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